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Hello there! Lovely to see you drop by – go make yourself at home 🙂

I’m a self-taught colorist from Germany. To afford hundreds of art supplies, I work in legal affairs – and that’s what I’m doing most of my time. Or I’m riding a horse, catsitting my two cats and discovering fabulous restaurants in my city, most of the time together with my friends or the best man on earth ♡

I’m the biggest Fringe fan on earth (don’t doubt me on that, you’ll lose) and because I’m not into movies, I never understand any references. I collect Yankee Candles and everything about Hello Kitty and when my friends travel to Asia, I always force them to bring Kitty stuff, because that’s where the coolest is sold. I’m that bad kind of a friend.

Some thoughts on Adult Coloring and this blog

My thoughts on Adult Coloring & some words about this blog

Adult coloring grew somewhat popular here in Germany during the recent years – so popular that you could buy coloring books everywhere, even at your local grocery store. But it seems to me that people still sneer at others who openly tell that they are coloring. In the beginning of adult coloring in Germany, it was presented as a way to deal with stress, anxiety or other mental illnesses.

Well. The only mental illness I suffer from is the one where you compulsively correct other people’s grammar. 🙂

What I’m trying to tell you is this: they didn’t give adult coloring the best image when they said it was a hobby for the „mentally sick“. I feel like it’s not considered something serious, but something you only do when something’s wrong with you – so most people just assume that when someone tells you they are coloring, there must be something wrong with them, otherwise they would play football or go out partying on Saturdays. And that just isn’t true. It’s a serious pastime for many of us and some do produce art indeed (and I bet they do go out on Saturdays as well). Even close friends of mine asked me “so.. you do that, because it calms you down…?” – and then they made that strange thing with their faces.. you know which I mean?

No. I’m not coloring because it calms me down. I would suggest screaming or going for a run for that, maybe beating some punching bag, but surely not coloring.

I’m coloring because it’s fun. Not more, not less. 

Anyway, I’m surely not the best colorist in the world. Via my Instagram account I got quite a few people following me, sending me messages, asking questions… and I thought this blog here would maybe be a go-to-place for them and a little playground for me.

So this blog serves as an addition to my Instagram account where I started this whole coloring community thing and where I do most of my stuff. I hesitated to start this blog, because I thought that there was not enough interest in it (nobody seems to read texts longer than 140 letters, right? :). But eventually I did, because I wanted to have more space for my thoughts which are sometimes too long for Instagram. And whoever is interested in my blabbering there might also read it on here.. 🙂

Note: I’m not a native speaker. So if you shouldn’t get something I’m talking about, please bare with me and let me know… 🙂 

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