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New in: Summer Nights, Daydreams Postcard book & Coloriage Wild

Unlike many colorists I know, I’m not a collector of coloring books. I do love to collect art supplies and can never pass any stationery store without getting in and buying stuff I strongly feel like needing.. 🙂 But I’m not a fan of collecting books. I even gave a whole bunch of books to a child I know and luckily she loves them 🙂 So I only have about 20 or so – because I’m picky. There are way too many books out there that I don’t like. So when I tell you today that I bought three books at once – you know, I must really admire them!

An illustrator I really admire is Hanna Karlzon. I know, this whole thing seems to have started with Johanna Basford and her first book (I have no idea which it was). I’m not a fan of JB and I will never be one (although I own some of her books) – but I definitely am one of Hanna!

So far, I have been owning five of her books, which is almost each, given the fact that she’s released seven so far. The remaining two were Daydreams / Dagdrömmar and Summer Nights / Sommarnatt. You can find many pages from Daydreams on Instagram, especially on the account of our dear Katrine (@alwayscoloring) – but I never really felt the urge to buy this book. It didn’t really catch me. And with Summer Nights it was the same, I watched a flip through on YouTube and I was like, naaaaah, too much tiny stuff and even snakes (I will never color snakes!). But it never left my head 🙂 So a few days ago, I had a closer look at it. You can see the result of this look below. 😀

Summer Nights is typically Hanna Karlzon like any other of her books. It features the usual female faces as well as animals, flowers and jewellery.

I also watched another flip-through of Daydreams, but this one still hasn’t fully got me. At the same time I needed something small to carry around on my next vacation. So I decided to give Daydreams a little chance by buying a little version of it – the Postcard Edition 🙂

As you can see, those are real postcards on thick paper (a bit more like thin white cardboard) that you can carefully remove from the book and send to your loved ones, hang them up on your fridge or whatever you like to do with postcards. 🙂 They will definitely accompany me on my travels!

The third book is one I wanted to have for a long time. I think it was on my Amazon wish list since 2018 or so. The illustrations are totally different from what I usually buy and I’ve also never done greyscale, but every time I see a finished piece on Insta, I’m amazed! And now was the time (finally!) to get my hands on Coloriage Wild by Emmanuelle Colin.

Each of the illustrations is featured twice – so in case you mess one up, you can give it another go 🙂 Or you can keep one for yourself and give one as a gift to someone – maybe this is the real intention behind it… 🙂

And the quality is just fabulous! It’s printed on 250 gr artist paper by Clairefontaine (which is a high-class brand for paper; I’ve bought from them several times in the past and they are always amazing!) and I think it might even be suitable for watercolor. The drawings are very fine and detailed – and so is the print. I think it’s definitely worth the price!

So, now there’s only one thing I’m not sure about…

… which one should I start with? 😀


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