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Category: tutorial

How to color skin – Part 1 – detailed!

Each time I’ve asked for your wishes on tutorials or step by step guides, “skin” was one of the most asked topics. That’s not too surprising since illustrations of people (especially women) are featured in many coloring books from various authors (although Hanna Karlzon is the first I’m thinking of when it comes to that). So I took some time to show you how I do skin 🙂 It’s surely not the most realistic way, but I think the result is always very beautiful.

How to color hair – step by step, Part I

I was asked to do a tutorial on how to color fur – and unfortunately I can’t do this, because I have no idea how to color fur (in an easy and not too time-consuming way) and I’m looking for a guide on that myself.. 🙂 I usually avoid coloring pages that have an animal with fur in it. But I think I can do human hair in a nice way – so I decided to show you this. I will do several hair colors in the future, but let’s start with blond!