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Category: supplies

How to color skin – Part 1 – detailed!

Each time I’ve asked for your wishes on tutorials or step by step guides, “skin” was one of the most asked topics. That’s not too surprising since illustrations of people (especially women) are featured in many coloring books from various authors (although Hanna Karlzon is the first I’m thinking of when it comes to that). So I took some time to show you how I do skin 🙂 It’s surely not the most realistic way, but I think the result is always very beautiful.

New in: Summer Nights, Daydreams Postcard book & Coloriage Wild

Unlike many colorists I know, I’m not a collector of coloring books. I do love to collect art supplies and can never pass any stationery store without getting in and buying stuff I strongly feel like needing.. 🙂 But I’m not a fan of collecting books. I even gave a whole bunch of books to a child I know and luckily she loves them 🙂 So I only have about 20 or so – because I’m picky. There are way too many books out there that I don’t like. So when I tell you today that I bought three books at once – you know, I must really admire them!

Do I really need expensive equipment?

I’ve come across this question several times during the recent years. When I started coloring, I asked it myself and later, when I posted my first step by step videos or tutorials, people started to ask me which pencils I’d use for that – and some were kinda disappointed when I said I’m using Prismacolor or Polychromos, which are definitely some of the most expensive ones you can get. So there was always this question popping up: will I be able to receive the same result with cheaper stuff?

The bad news is: you will most likely be not.